Shredding & Mulching

Forestry mulching is a single step process where unwanted vegetation such as brush, trees and stumps are cleared and ground into mulch. This process is healthy for the environment, unlike other land clearing methods such as bulldozing or grubbing.

We believe forestry mulching is an important component of sustainable land management.

Our mulching equipment is fast and cost effective, capable of grinding standing trees up to 8 inches in diameter. We can clear 3 to 8 acres per day.

Our mulchers are on rubber tracked carriers that have very low ground pressure, 4.5 to 5.5 psi. This provides the ability to access various terrains. Steep slopes and soft ground are no problem.


  • Removal of unwanted vegetation can be selective or complete clean cut.
  • Mulch is spread evenly over the cleared area. This retards regrowth and prevents erosion.
  • The nutrient rich mulch decomposes into the topsoil, adding organic matter.
  • Surrounding ground is not disturbed and the root systems of surrounding trees are not damaged.
  • There are no brush piles, so no hauling or burning is necessary.
  • The cleared area is ready for immediate use.


  • Brush Cutting
  • Vegetation Management
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Pastures
  • Fence Lines
  • Pipe Lines
  • Power Lines
  • Right of Ways
  • Hiking/Biking Trails
  • Hunting Access Lanes
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Food Plots
  • Vistas



Watch our Mulching Video