Rock Crushing

Have rocks to remove? Let us incorporate them into the environment instead.

We crush rocks both on and below the surface. We also crush bricks, concrete and any unusable masonry by products.

Our equipment is capable of crushing rocks up to 16 inches in diameter, up to 6 inches deep.


  • Prevents damage to combines & planters
  • No back breaking lifting or rolling
  • No hauling fees
  • Recycles minerals into the soil
  • Stabilizes the soil
  • Results in fines for better compaction
  • Reduces rocks to a consistency favorable for road compaction


  • Land Clearing
  • Land Reclamation
  • Hay Fields
  • Crop Fields
  • Pastures
  • Hiking Trails
  • Horse Trails
  • Right of Way
  • Dirt & Gravel Roads
  • Logging Roads



Watch our rock crushing video