We have over 35 years of experience in responsible land management.

We do complete land reclamation services, from land clearing to seeding.

We offer simple, affordable and sustainable solutions.


Our goal  is to finish the job with a satisfied customer, leaving the environment in better condition than when we started.


Land management can be equipment intensive. We have the equipment to do the job efficiently, and are experienced equipment operators. Our equipment attests to our commitment to do the job properly.

Shredding & Mulching

We use FAE Forestry Mulching Heads:  DML/SSL 150 & UML/SSL 175
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Soil Stabilizing & Tilling

We use FAE Forestry Tilling Head: SSL/ST 150
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Rock Crushing

We use FAE Stone Crushing Head: STC/SSL 150
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Stump Grinding

We use Miller Stump Grinder and FAE Forestry Tilling Head: SSL/ST 150
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Tree Shearing

We use Dymax Tree Shearer
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Invasive Species Control

We use Mid Atlantic 500 gallon Sprayer
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Soil Preparation

Soil Amendments,Aerating with Aerway, Tilling, Subsoiling, Plowing, Windrowing
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We use Tye-No-Till Drill Seeder
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