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Whenever you need to pull anything, whether it's a moose, a log, your ATV, or anything else, you now have access to  pulling power whereever you need it.

Powered by a dependable Honda engine, the capstan Portable Winch will pull 2000 lbs single line, and 4400 lbs double line at speeds up to 60 ft/minute.

Typical Applications:
  • Bring down hung-up trees
  • Get an off-road vehicle out of a mud hole
  • Skid out-of-reach logs
  • Haul big game out of lakes or canyons
  • Pull boats, docks and seaplanes out of water
  • Hoist construction materials or electrical transformers
  • Pull electrical cables through conduits
  • Rescue operations
  • And more ...



Technical Specifications:  
Pulling Capacity

Single Line          Double Line (w/snatch block)               
 2500 lb                5000 lb

Gear Box Aluminum alloy; Gear ration 110: 1
Unit Weight (Dry) 33 lb
Engine 4-cycle Honda GXH-50 cc
Dimensions (overall) 13" wide x 14" high x 15" deep
Warranty 5 years (Honda warranty on engine)
Rope (low stretch double-braided polyester) Min 3/8 ", Max 5/8"
       Max line speed
       Max line pull

Standard Drum (2-1/4")        Optional Drum (3-3/8")      
40 ft/min                                    60 ft/min
2500 lb                                      1350 lb



Nokka Timber Grab is an economical and efficient forwarding tool, especially for thinnings or in forested areas harvested for firewood. The wide opening of the grapple and a fair clearance between the grapple and the slew joint help in forwarding bigger bundles. Great grapple force, supports between the grapple and the mounting frame and the optical tooth bar in the model Super hold longer stems and bundles tight.

A wide 90  degree slewing angle helps with skidding long logs and bundles. In the model Super, the double acting ram is standard equipment.

Technical specifications: NOKKA 1200 NOKKA Super
Grapple arm 50/35 mm 70/40 mm
Grapple force in ram at 160 bar working pressure 31 kN (3100 kg) 160 bar 61 kN (6100 kg) 160 bar
Grapple opening 2000 mm 2200 mm
Clearance between grapple and slew joint 1200 mm 1280 mm
Weight 205 kg 310 kg
Double acting slew ram Optional Standard 63/30 mm




Powerful and versatile, the IGLAND 4501 is an all-around winch for farmers, woodland owners and contractors. The hinged "butt plate" performs very well on the skid path and at the staging area. Two position haul in block, and light pull clutch put the IGLAND 4501 at the top of its class.

Technical Specifications:
Maximum pull, drum empty  4500 kg  (10116 lbs)
Maximum pull, drum full  2000 kg (4365 lbs)
Recommended HP  40 - 90 HP
Attachment category  1 + 2
Average cable speed  1.00 m/s
Minimum cable speed  0.67 m/s
Maximum cable speed  1.47 m/s
Wire rope capacity  11 mm x 50 m (7/16" x 573 lbs)
Weight without wire rope  260 kg (573 lbs)
Height and width  192 cm 151 cm

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